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EBMAS Malta Latest News

A New Time Table

With the request of many of our students, a new and more busy timetable will start as from 1st September 2013.

This new timetable will allow people to gauge how much they want to train, so that anyone who wants to train more and improve their Wing Tzun prowess will be able to.

Our regular Wing Tzun lessons on Monday and Wednesday will remain as is, and we will mix physical training, fitness, stamina, Wing Tzun Techniques & Theory, Self Defense, Applications, Forms, Lat Sao, Chi Sao etc...

On Tuesday we will start to train Escrima, the Filipino art of fighting with weapons in which we'll learn to use the Escrima sticks and defend against them, both with and without sticks.

On Saturday, we will have a regularly scheduled pair of lessons. First off we will have a Self Defense & Applications class in which we focus on applying techniques in real life scenarios and drilling them until we learn them. Later, also on Saturday, we will have a sparring session in which we get used to being under pressure from opponents for an extended period of time, improve our reflexes and essentially learn to fight back.

Time Table:

Day                      Time                         Location                                  Lesson

Monday           20:00 - 21.30          (Active Zone) Msida                    Wing Tzun lesson
Tuesday          18:30 - 19:30                 Marsascala                          Escrima
Wednesday     20:00 - 21.30          (Active Zone) Msida                    Wing Tzun lesson
Thursday        19:00 - 20.00          Marsascala                          Wing Tzun Kids lesson
Thursday        20:00 - 21.00          Marsascala                          Wing Tzun lesson
Saturday         10.30 - 11:30                 Marsascala                           Self Defense & Applications
Saturday          11.30 - 12:30                Marsascala                           Sparring

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