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Why Wing Tzun? Not too long ago some guy posted on our EBMAS Facebook Group, and in the intent of demising our Association, School and our Instructor, Si Hing Jonathan Cassar, asked why we actually bothered training Wing Tzun. My answer to such a provocation was simply: “Why not?”

However, after seeing a few pictures uploaded by my Si Hing of a Seminar with Dai Si Fu Emin Boztepe, EBMAS World Chief Instructor, which took place here in Malta just a year ago, I decided that I would elaborate a little more on that question and share my experience of Wing Tzun over the last few years, and really explain why I train in such a beautiful art.

October 2010. I went out with some friends for lunch to a restaurant I worked at for nearly six years and met an old colleague and friend, who spoke to me about this new martial arts school which had just opened. I was, as you can see from the picture of the Seminar, overweight and leading an unhealthy lifestyle due to, I thought, my studies and lack of time to care of myself. The truth was that I had gotten myself into such a state due to lack of exercise, and, although I had tried out various sports and disciplines in the course of my life, I had never stuck to any of them because none of them had ever given me what I was looking for.
But this friend of mine seemed so passionate about this school that I decided that I would try this martial arts class out too. Why not, right? It was November 2010 when I attended my first Wing Tzun class and it was love at first sight!
I suddenly realised that I had been using only a very limited percentage of what my body was capable of and that I had the wrong posture, no coordination, no understanding of my force and that of others. I found out that we have an incredible force inside of us and Wing Tzun is my key to unlocking it.
Believe it or not, after just one first lesson of Wing Tzun, you go home and your mind becomes aware of all these things, or at least mine was. I had to go back the following week, and the one after and so on, until I started training alone at home and grabbing every opportunity I could to improve myself in this incredible discipline, which had become a passion, a way of life.
As time went by, I not only started to improve in the art of combat and realistically becoming capable of defending myself, but I started to improve in so many areas of life in general. I was losing weight, becoming more flexible, stronger and could therefore move better. I also noticed that I became more focused in most things I did, and gained a higher confidence in myself because the fascinating thing about martial arts is that you acquire a deep understanding of yourself, to the point of recognising that there is beauty inside you and that you are capable of honestly expressing it through movement, unconsciously and naturally, until it becomes a permanent way of being.
However, although I was improving in all these aspects of life, I still had a lot of obstacles due to my still excessive body weight, but, contrary to before, I had now become a person who decided to consciously move forward in everything and had the strength to follow a strict training and nutritional regimen. I managed to lose, also thanks to another training buddy of mine who is a nutritionist and took the time and effort to help me, over 22 kg in just ten weeks! My life changed drastically since then -- I’ve reached a level of fitness which I never imagined was possible and which continues to increase. I’ve become more successful in all the facets of my life and just over a month ago I had a near death experience caused by a terrible flood which would have been a certain death for me had I not started to train Wing Tzun two years ago and gotten in good shape!.
I’ve also started running a few months ago and am now preparing to run a marathon in February! I’ve also discovered, having become a member of an International Association such as EBMAS, that there is a huge world out there, full of formidable fighters, such as Grand Master Emin Boztepe, who is also an inspirational figure and a role model for us all.

As time goes by, I seem to understand the depth of Wing Tzun more and keep being mesmerized by its beauty, by its perfection, by its simplicity and scientific effectiveness. I’ve also met some amazing people at the gym, and feel blessed and honoured to be able to call any of them friends. Therefore I feel comfortable in saying that I know exactly why I train Wing Tzun, and I hope that I can now answer our friend who wrote that interesting question by stating:
“I train Wing Tzun because I believe that it has made me into a better person in all aspects of life, and will keep doing so for as long as I continue training.” Fair enough?

http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20120905/local/i-embraced-fear-to-fight-for- life.435752#.UEeb_MgEKv8.facebook
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by Marco Audino

Having trained in a style of Wing Tzun previously, I thought I knew what to expect when I started with SiHing Joni and EBMAS almost two years ago. Not the case. The EBMAS fighting system is comprehensive, effective, and completely logical. The students are all great friends, and there is none of the typical martial art school bullying going on; were all here to learn how to protect ourselves. Training with World Chief Instructor Emin Boztepe is a steady fixture for the Malta school, and an occasion we all look forward to, especially given his open and friendly nature, and of course, his immense martial arts talents. Best of all, there are no secrets and no lies with EBMAS; its made perfectly clear from day one that if you train hard youll improve and grow stronger, if you dont you never will.
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by Mark Debono

This has been one of those weeks I will always remember. We had a successful photoshoot, we trained, we had fun together and formed closer bonds and friendships. All things which Wing Tzun has facilitated for us in the past years training at the school, however, it has also been an emotional week in which at different degrees we have all been tested through the storm last Sunday and Monday. I have learnt much in this week, and I wanted to share this with everyone. In Wing Tzun, although I am still very young in this art (grade wise and skill wise) in my opinion is a reflection of who we are, the better we become and wing tzun, the better person we are slowly becoming. One of the students at our school was tested and he came out victorious. As a strong personality in the group, dedicated and strong willed, these characteristics all came out when the time came for him to prove himself in a test which could have cost him his life. This is often reflected in more mundane tasks and daily challenges. I remember being a soft and weak person, people could easily bully me emotionally. I started Wing Tzun, but not only to learn the skill of defending myself, but also to grow as a person and to overcome the challenges I was facing because of the weakness I had in myself. Having said this, I don’t think I would have survived the test that our friend faced, but perhaps I wouldn’t have given up as easily, as I know now that I can always become a stronger person. Although I am a woman and somewhat weaker that the boys, I am nowadays still a challenge sometimes (if my mood is there and if I concentrate hard), then why should I think of myself as weak? If on the first day of training wing tzun I closed my eyes when someone approached me with a punch and nowadays I counterattack that punch, I am more likely to think that way when the punch is a cruel comment, a fight or just a simple confrontation. If I can do it physically, I have grown mentally. Well, I hope we don’t experience too many of these unforgettable weeks, but lukily, the weekend has come and a sunny one too! The only thing we can do now that the storms are over is to start afresh and keep training!
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by Aimee